Mr.Anand and Thailand Environmet Institute

     The Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) is an independent, non-profit organization where updated and reliable technical environmental information has been compiled with the intention of encouraging cooperation among the government sector, the private sector and the public at large, including private development organizations, the mass media and academic institutions.

     The focus of this cooperative effort is the conservation and development of the natural resource base and the environment through effective measures leading to sustainable development.

     Areas of concentration include policy research, grass-root field operations, training and social services. Functionally, these comprise activities in natural resources and environmental management, energy, industry, business, urban development, and human resources development. Ancillary facilities include a library and an environmental information center.

     Mr. Anand Panyarachun has served as the Chairman of TEI Council of Trustees since 1993. His tasks and responsibilities are about formulation of policies for implementation by the TEI Executive Board of Directors. He has also served as the Chairman of the Thailand Cultural Environment Fund (CEF) Board and the Advisory Council since 1999.

     For further information on the Thailand Environment Institute, please visit its website at